Body & Mind REBOOT to lose 10lbs in 7 days ~ Limited Offer

Do you ever feel like you wish you could press the reset button on your body and see the kind of fast results you used to get when you set your mind to lose weight in the past?

Does it seem to get harder and harder to control your weight, even though you’ve tried the same things that used to work for you (and loads more!) - but just don’t get the results you want now?

Would you like to break that cycle and feel inspired to drop weight quickly, burn fat, feel strong, positive and more confident - enjoy that boost you get when you’ve lost a few lbs, you're feeling slimmer and best of all, that sense of having really achieved something!

If so, keep reading….

"I've lost 7.5 lbs in one week!! Am so happy. And I lost 2 inches from my abdomen. I honestly wasn't expecting to see results like this in just a week!" ~ Michelle R.

Many people won’t believe you can lose 10lbs in 7 days but I’m going to give you the exact tools and support you need to do just that!

I understand how seeing fast results can be a big motivator that, with the right help, leads to long-lasting, positive changes to your health & happiness.

I know from personal experience that weight loss is a challenging journey! It comes with the need for self-knowledge, observations, reevaluation and deliberate action to keep the pounds coming off.

On top of the rest of life's stresses, losing weight is one problem we could do without. No wonder we get fed up! We go off track, or even give up completely!

Those rocky moments when old habits kick in, you lack self-belief, feel overwhelmed or just lose sight of why you’re doing this in the first place, are the KEY to you getting the body you want. And this is how I help you do it!

This 1 WEEK PLAN IS DESIGNED so you will:

~ be motivated to get into action to lose weight with confidence and support

~ feel inspired to work for the body you want

~ have tools to manage stress better

~ gain the knowledge you need about how to trigger fat loss

~ understand your role in creating your mindset

~ lose weight quickly as a kickstart to your long-term weight, health & happiness goals

"I'm down 6 lbs that's half way to goal in one week 

Here is what you’ll get during your REBOOT week:

~ Membership to a private Facebook group

~ Full access to me, a fully qualified and experienced Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist, via the Facebook group

~ A step by step guide to follow for the week

~ Suggested food/meal plans (*adjusted to your individual needs - I teach you how to do this)

~ Daily accountability and fun results-orientated challenges

~ The most amazing mind-training audio to create your weight loss success mindset and for lowering stress

~ Bespoke videos to arm you with knowledge for increased health & happiness

~ Opportunities to fast-track your results long-term

What this would normally cost:

  • My 1-1 coaching for 7 days (7 hours) £840
  • Bespoke mind-training audio MP3 (yours to keep) £98
  • Step by step guide and food plans £49

Total  £987

But you get this for just




24/7 support from the dedicated group of committed women, like you, taking part that will boost your motivation and confidence further!

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"Thank you so much for your inspirational group and support. Without the element of teaching mindfulness and techniques to train the brain, I think I would have struggled...I'm looking forward to the next few weeks!"~ Rabea 

12 lbs weightloss since starting REBOOT a month ago.