"The best thing I ever did!"

"I cannot recommend Sarah enough!"


Do you feel like you're ready to break that negative cycle that's kept you from reaching your health or body goals - but don't know how?


So many people would love to change how they think or feel about certain things in their lives, but if they haven't yet had the success they know they deserve, or had it then lost it, you can feel frustrated & confused. Sometimes people believe there must be something wrong with them!! Does that happen to you too?! Because I get it. I've been there. Before I learnt how to work with my brain I experienced all kinds of problems in my life; some of them are in 

my story here.

Maybe you can relate to some of my client's struggles? People come to me to overcome all kinds of obstacles:

  • to lose weight
  • to feel great about their body
  • to stop smoking
  • to control IBS
  • to overcome anxiety
  • cut down alcohol
  • control emotional eating
  • to deal with stress
  • overcome a phobia
  • heal PTSD
  • for a healthy pregnancy
  • manage ADD
  • and many more

Have you often wondered how other people are able to achieve the kind of success you really want for yourself? Whether that be to get an amazing body, to feel strong & positive, to break an old habit like smoking or drinking or to overcome a fear that's been holding you back - whatever obstacle you bring to work with me, you can expect to feel stronger, more positive, happier, healthier than ever before ~ if this is what you want, because this is what I can show you how to do! And it happens fast!

Why working with me is extraordinary:

As a fully qualified Senior Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, I've spent the last 20 years studying the human mind. I love science & technology but I've noticed a trend over the last few years, especially on social media.

When my clients first contact me, they've often been made to feel weak or unable to 'control' their own minds, because of the obstacle that they're facing. Many of them have loads of experience with their problem - even perhaps having done research into the nature of what's bothering them, but somehow having access to all this information at our fingertips hasn't made feeling better quickly, any easier.

This is because you don't need more information.

You don't need motivational quotes, affirmations, more willpower, meal plans or workouts ~ you need to train your brain!

When you work with me, you'll know why you don't need more willpower & what's really happening in your brain & your body.

You'll feel better quickly. Probably faster than you'd imagined!

Of course you don't have to learn all this stuff about your brain like I did, to experience amazing transformation from using it!

Getting your brain and body's systems to adapt & work together to move you from survive to thrive, is what I specialise in. With my powerful techniques and rapid transformational approach you'll find that everything in your life can get easier and success comes more rapidly.

Imagine having a therapist, hypnotist, coach, health & fitness expert all rolled into one, to focus just on YOU! 

By working with me you can:

  • become a stronger, more confident, more positive version of yourself
  • overcome fears and emotional blocks quickly & comfortably
  • boost your motivation & staying power
  • tap into abilities you didn’t know you had or couldn’t get access to

What makes my work unique and so effective for you, is my integrated approach in helping people change old behaviours and unwanted habits quickly and easily ~ so you can finally be the person you know is inside you. The you, you always knew you could be. 

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